Public-Private Partnership (PPP) projects

Abu Dhabi’s strong commitment to fostering collaboration with the private sector is realised through the emirate’s public-private partnership (PPP) initiatives.  

In 2019, a new law regulating PPPs (Law No.2) was introduced to encourage long-term involvement of the private sector in major infrastructure projects in the emirate. 

Abu Dhabi’s PPP model:

  • Supports the growth of the private sector by increasing domestic and foreign private sector investment in infrastructure projects and the delivery of public services 
  • Enhances financial sustainability and flexibility by spreading infrastructure investment costs over the life of the asset
  • Facilitates better execution and service delivery by encouraging private sector innovation in the implementation and operation of infrastructure projects

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Musataha projects

A Musataha Agreement creates a real property right, entitling the holder to construct a building or to invest in, mortgage, lease, sell or purchase a plot of land belonging to a third party for a period of up to 50 years.

The latest additions to the Musataha agreement give private sector investors opportunities to deliver long-term projects in Abu Dhabi, including the development of land owned by the government.

The revised agreement maximises benefits for both the private and public sectors, including the implementation of a highly competitive pricing model with flexible and attractive terms for companies looking to grow in the emirate.

Partner with Abu Dhabi. Let’s build the future together.

From its early days, Abu Dhabi has nurtured strong collaboration between its public and private sectors.

These partnerships have been a key factor in the emirate’s remarkable growth since the 1950s, making it a global destination for investment and business.

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